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Graduated from University of Massachusetts with a Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Sciences. Over the years most of my occupations were in the retail, sales, and finance industry. I absolutely love meeting new people and building lasting connections. I am a big advocate of CBD and have used it for a few years and it has been life changing.

The veteran community is very near and dear to me. Being currently engaged to an Army Combat Veteran has been an immensely eye opening experience. Having seen what an amazing support system he had after leaving the military, was what inclined me to give back to those veterans who weren't as fortunate as he. In 2017 I joined an organization to volunteer at that would allow me to visit patients at the VA hospitals where I would be able to thank them for their service but also spread my sparkle. Being able to see the men and women smile after spending some time with them has been probably the most rewarding experience. Having volunteered in hospice in the past giving reiki to the caregivers and the sick, I knew how important it was to have someone there when you are sick. Feeling that love, that someone cares is immensely healing. 

In the end I'm just a simple woman who leaves sparkly footprints where ever I go.